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Part I Dialogue Completion ( 15 % )

Directions : There are 15 short incomplete dialogues in this part, each followed by 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the best one to complete the dialogue and mark your answer on the ANSWERSHEET with a single line through the center.

1. Tom: I see in the paper theyre sending more equipment to space. And we might have to live there someday.

John:___________! Im staying right here.

A. Never I

B. Not me

C. No me

D. None me

2. Jack : Hey, how are you, Susie? Gee, we havent seen each other in... it must be close to three years !

Susie : ___________

A. How do you do?

B. Nice to meet you.

C. Fancy meeting you here.

D. Well, French fries.

3. A: Ive just heard that the tickets for Swan Lake have been sold out!

B: Oh, no! ___________

A. It doesnt matter.

B. Its not at all interesting.

C. I was looking forward to it.

D. I knew it already.

4. Smith : Oh, its ten oclock. Id better go now.

Host : ___________

A. Ok. Please walk slowly.

B. Why do you want to go now? Dont you want to stay?

C. Wont you stay for another cup of coffee?

D. Yeah, its really late. Why not immediately?

5. Greg:Hi ,Karen. I have tickets to a concert at Carnegie Hall. It starts at 8:00.

Karen : Hmmm... ___________

A. Sure, but I have to prepare for the exam.

B. Thank you all the same.

C. Leave it to me, I assure you.

D. Im afraid I cant make it by then.

6. Speaker A:Beach Motel. May I help you?

Speaker B :_________.

A. Thank you. Id like to make a long distance call to New York.

B. Yes. We need a double room for this weekend.

C. Sorry, I dont think you can help us. Thank you anyway.

D. All right. My name is David Jones and my room number is 301.

7. Speaker A:Hello,Jane. How lucky to run into you! Can you and Tom come to dinner tomor-row evening?

Speaker B:_________. I dont think were going out.

A. I suppose I cant

B. Im afraid not

C. Its my pleasure

D. I think so

8. Speaker A:Id like to buy the refrigerator, but Im one hundred dollars short.Speaker B:__________if you promise to give it back before this weekend.

A. Ill borrow you the money

B. Ill lend you the money

C. Id lend you the money

D. I will have lent you the money

9. Speaker A : Could you give me a ride to the conference center? My presentation is in about half an hour.

Speaker B.__________Have you checked with Bob? He seems to be on his way there about this time.

A. Im sorry. Perhaps next time.

B. Im glad to. But its too late.

C. Im afraid I am going to the opposite direction.

D. Excuse me, but Im going to the conference center.

10. Speaker A: Are you feeling better now?

Speaker B :__________.

A. Well, not too better yet, thank you

B. Well, not too good yet. Better than I was thought

C. Well, it doesnt matter. I am all right now

D. Well, never mind, Im much better now

11. Waiter: Welcome, sir. May I help you?Customer:_________

A. Thank you. Ill have fried tofu and stir-fried cauliflower.

B. Yes, please. Id like a hamburger and a chocolate shake.

C. Sorry. I dont need your help, thank you.

D. If you want to help me, Ill be glad to accept it.

12. Johnny: Dear Tommy, why dont you come on holiday with us?

Tommy : __________

A. Thats very kind of you ! Id love to

B. How dare you invite me? I wont go

C. Yeah, thanks anyway

D. Whether Ill go or not is not your business, ok?

13. Anna : Hi, Keith. Hows it going?

Keith: __________. I lost my wallet, and it had all my ID and credit cards in it.

A. Not too bad

B. Not too good

C. Not very well

D. Not at all

14. Speaker A:Youd better take the umbrella with you. It looks like its going to rain.

Speaker B:Thank you__________

A. for minding me

B. for reminding me

C. for remembering me

D. for caring about me

15. Speaker A:Id love to come to your barbecue on Saturday but my cousin is arriving from Cali-fornia that day.

Speaker B : Thats no problem. The more the merrier. Im glad__________

A. I can hold such a barbecue for you

B. your cousin will be arriving from California then

C. we finally have a chance to get together

D. that youre too busy to my barbecue

Part 11 Reading Comprehension (40 % )

Directions : There are 4 passages in this part. Each of the passages is followed by 5 questions or un-finished statements. For each of them there are 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the best oneand mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET with a single line through the center.

Passage 1

Concerning money or anything else, conflicts between husband and wife usually reflect a powerstruggle. Conflicts between parent and child often center around the same issue. As children enter ad-olescence, they begin to demand greater freedom to go where they please, do what they please, andmake decisions without parental interference. Many American parents do not know how to deal withtheir teenagers and seek advice from books, lectures, and parent-training courses. Parents want to

maintain a friendly relationship with their teenagers and also want to guide them so that their behaviorwill be whatever the parents consider proper and constructive.

But in a society of rapidly changing social and moral values, parents and children often disagree

about what is important and what is right.

Arguments may concern such unimportant matters as styles of dress or hairdos. But quarrels mayalso concern school work, after school jobs, decisions, use of the family car, dating, and sex behav-ior. Some famihes have serious problems with teenagers who drop out of school, run away from home,or use illegal drugs. Because so much publicity is given to the problem teenager, one gets the impres-sion that all teenagers are troublemakers. Actually, relatively few adolescents do anything wrong, andnearly all grow up into "solid citizens" who fulfill most of their parents expectations. In fact, recentstudies show that the "generation gap" is narrowing. The vast majority of teenagers share most of theirparents values and ideas. Many parents feel that they get along with their adolescents quite well.

16. According to the writer, conflicts between husband and wife usually reflect__________.

A. feeling of hatred

B. power struggle

C. that they dont care for each other

D. that they may appeal to divorce

17. As children enter adolescents, they begin to do the following EXCEPT__________.

A. demanding greater freedom to go wherever they please

B. making decisions without parental interference

C. getting married whenever they please

D. doing what they please

18. "... generation gap is narrowing. " means__________

A. the adolescents now become timid

B. parents come to get along with their children

C. the vast majority of teenagers share most of their parents values and ideas

D. parents and teenager dont like to quarrel

19. Parents and children often disagree about what is important or fight because__________

A. they have different styles of life

B. they hate each other

C. parents think that their children are troublemakers

D. they are in a society of rapidly changing social and moral values

20. When many American parents dont know how to deal with their children they seek advice from the following EXCEPT__________

A. neighbors

B. parent-training courses

C. books

D. lectures

Passage 2

The annual campaign to make Singapores three million people more polite ended yesterday and was immediately followed by another drive to get them to be punctual.

Tardiness is not yet a criminal offence in the island republic, and the National Punctuality Work-ing Committee can only use gentle persuasion. "Being on time means being considerate," said com-mittee chairman Toh Weng Cheng. Previous drives made little headway in changing a deeply rootedhabit that seems oddly out of place in this otherwise efficient city-state. Tardiness at dinner parties isusually attributed to Chinese tradition, a belief that older and more important guests were expected tomake an entrance after the others.

Meanwhile, officials will assess the results of the 15th annual courtesy (礼貌) campaign, a HK$ 2.4 million drive to persuade Singaporeans to mind their manners. Earlier courtesy campaigns usedposters, films, advertisements in newspapers and magazines to portray considerate behavior. The pub-licity this year stressed courtesy through examples of discourtesy. Few countries use elaborate publiccampaigns to change behavior and raise civic consciousness. It has been a way of life in Singapore formore than 30 years. Some, like the courtesy drive, deal with basic habits and culture. October wasfirst declared "Speak Mandarin Month" in 1978, an effort to wipe out regional Chinese dialects in fa-vor of the official tongue.

Others focus on problems of the day. The police launched a drive in 1989 to stop abuse of theemergency phone number 999, because one call in five was of the nuisance or non-emergency variety.Some campaigns have been so successful that they have been reversed. Family planners urged parentsto "Stop at Two" in 1978. Birth rates dropped from 3.5 percent in 1960 to 1.2 percent in 1980, andfamilies who can afford it are now encouraged to "Have Three or More". By the early 1980s, thegrowth of campaigns inspired one exhausted newspaper columnist to suggest a "take your campaignsseriously campaign".

21. In the passage, the word " tardiness" (Line 1, Paragraph 2 ) most probably means__________.

A. punctuality

B. impoliteness

C. dishonesty

D. lateness

22. The courtesy drive was launched in Singapore to__________.

A. develop appropriate personal habits

B. stress the importance of punctuality

C. make the people more polite

D. urge the officials to be on time

23. When did the campaign to standardize spoken language begin?

A. In 1960.

B. In 1978.

C. In 1980.

D. In 1989.

24. Which of the following is NOT true?

A. Singapore has always been a highly efficient country in every way.

B. The campaigns are not always very effective in Singapore.

C. Singapore does its best to make its people more polite.

D. Not all the campaigns are launched every year.

25. Which of the following statements is not directly said but implied in the passage?

A. All the campaigns are to improve peoples behavior.

B. There are too many campaigns in Singapore.

C. The more campaigns, the more efficient they are.

D. Almost all campaigns in Singapore dont amount to anything. "

Passage 3

How fit are your teeth? Are you lazy about brushing them? Never fear: An inventor is on thecase. An electric toothbrush senses how long and how well you brush, and it lets you track your per-formanee on your phone.

The Kolibree toothbrush was exhibited at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Ve-gas this week. It senses how it is moved and can send the information to an Android phone or iPhonevia a Bluetooth wireless connection.

The toothbrush will be able to teach you to brush right ( dont forget the insides of the teeth ! )and make sure youre brushing long enough. "Its kind of like having a dentist actually watch yourbrushing on a day-to-day basis," says Thomas Serval, the French inventor.

The toothbrush will also be able to talk to other applications on your phone, so developers could,for instance, create a game controlled by your toothbrush. You could score points for beating monstersamong your teeth. "We try to make it smart but also fun," Several says.

Serval says he was inspired by his experience as a father. He would come home from work andask his kids if they had brushed their teeth. They said "yes", but Serval would find their toothbrushheads dry. He decided he needed a brush that really told him how well his children brushed.

The company says the Kolibree will go on sale this summer, for $ 99 to $199, developing on features. The U. S. is the first target market.

Serval says that one day, itll be possible to replace the brush on the handle with a brushing unit that also has a camera. The camera can even examine holes in your teeth while you brush.

26. Which is one of the features of the Kolibree toothbrush?

A. It can sense how users brush their teeth.

B. It can track users school performance.

C. It can detect users fear of seeing a dentist.

D. It can help users find their phones.

27. What can we learn from Servals words in Paragraph 3 ?

A. You will find it enjoyable to see a dentist.

B. You should see your dentist on a day-to-day basis.

C. You can brush with the Kolibree as if guided by a dentist.

D. Youd like a dentist to watch you brush your teeth every day.

28. Which of the following might make the Kolibree toothbrush fun.?

A. It can be used to update mobile phones.

B. It can be used to play mobile phone games.

C. It can send messages to other users.

D. It can talk to its developers.

29. What can we infer about Servals children.?

A. They were unwilling to brush their teeth.

B. They often failed to clean their toothbrushes.

C. They preferred to use a toothbrush with a dry head.

D. They liked brushing their teeth after Serval came home.

30. What can we learn about the future development of the Kolibree.?

A. The brush handle will be removed.

B. A mobile phone will be built into it.

C. It will be used to fill holes in teeth.

D. It will be able to check users teeth.

Passage 4

The Chinese have used a method called acupuncture to help perform operations for about 4,000years without putting the patient to sleep. This involves inserting(插入)flexible needles (针)into cer-tain partsof the body. The needles used are available in a number of stores in China and everyone maybuy them.

To learn how to use needle takes about one month of training. But to be skillful requires greatertime. The person who performs the acupuncture knows how to insert the needles so the needles them-selves are not painful. This person also knows where to place the needles so the patient feels no pain inthe area where the operation is to be performed. The needles are not necessarily inserted near theplace where the pain is to be prevented. In the past, a particular operation might require 25 or moreneedles placed in various parts of the body. But now this operation requires only 3 or 4 needles.

Today the Chinese doctors are trying to learn more about acupuncture. They are trying to developa convincing theory to explain how the needles work in preventing pain, or, why a needle in the wrist(手腕), for example, would prevent the pain in the area of the mouth.

A patient who needs an operation is given a choice between having acupuncture or having one ofthe chemicals used for putting him to sleep. It has been estimated that over half of the patients chooseacupuncture because there is no sickness after the operation whereas(然而,反之) the chemical may make the patient sick for a few hours or a day.

31. Acupuncture can be defined as

A. a medical technique B. a medical needle

C. a medical operation D. a medical machine

32. All the statements are true about the performer of acupuncture EXCEPTA. He knows where the operation is to be performed.

B. He knows where to place the needles without pain.C. He knows how to use the needles in an operation.D. He knows how to perform the operation to cure the patient.

33. To learn how to use the needles,it takes a person

A. around one month B. a couple of daysC. a life time D. several hours

34. It can be learned from the passage that

A. more patients prefer chemicals to acupuncture

B. an operation in the past needs more needles than now

C. acupuncture has existed in China for as long as 6,000 years

D. Chinese doctors have developed a convincing theory about acupuncture.

35. Which is implied but not stated in the passage?

A. The Chinese mainly use acupuncture to cure strange disease.

B. Most Chinese patients prefer acupuncture to chemicals in curing diseases.

C. The Chinese have spread acupuncture all over the world.

D. The Chinese are learning to be more skillful and efficient in acupuncture.
Part m Vocabulary and Structure (20 % )

Directions: There are 40 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are 4 choice smarked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that best completes the sentence, mark your answer on the AN-SWER SHEET with a single line through the center.

36. Because of the poor harvest, wheat prices have__________ in the last six months.

A. added

B. jumped

C. amounted

D. developed

37. Many players who had been highly thought of have__________ from the tennis scene.

A. disposed

B. disappeared

C. discouraged

D. discarded

38. All their attempts to __________the child from the burning building were in vain.

A. regain

B. recover

C. rescue

D. reserve

39. The __________goal of the book is to help bridge the gap between research and teaching, par-ticularly the gap between researchers and teachers.

A. joint

B. intensive

C. overall

D. decisive

40. What makes the space shuttle__________ is that it takes off like a rocket but lands like an air-plane.

A. exceptional

B. strange

C. unique

D. rare

41. The cost of the air fare is higher than_________.

A. the rail fare

B. that of the rail fare

C. those of the rail fare

D. which of the rail fare

42. When and where the new hospital will be built __________a mystery.

A. to remain

B. remains

C. remain

D. is remaining

43. My next door neighbor Johnson seems to have_________ opinion on the show last night.

A. rather the strong

B. rather strong

C. a rather strong

D. the rather strong

44. The old lady is very_________ the Partys consideration.

A. grateful to

B. grateful for

C. gratified at

D. gracious to

45. I asked the soldier what he was in_________ life.

A. ordinary

B. daily

C. common

D. civilian

46. To improve the__________ is regarded as a good method to increase the farmers income in the south part of the county.

A. sewage

B. drainage

C. aqueduct

D. archway

47. Not always_________ they want to.

A. people can do what

B. people cannot do what

C. can people do what

D. cant people do what

48. I didnt go to the party, but I do wish I_________ there.

A. were

B. would be

C. had been

D. will be

49. It was not_________ 1982 that he went baek to America.

A. since

B. until

C. before

D. after

50. When Mr. Black retired, his son _________ the business.

A. took up

B. took over

C. took on

D. took out

51. You may_________ this; I dont want it back.

A. get

B. remain

C. maintain

D. keep

52. She leaned_________ the wall while she was speaking to her friend.

A. to

B. against

C. towards

D. for

53. After a long_________ the bill was passed by the peoples congress.

A. argument

B. debate

C. dispute

D. discuss

54. I can hardly_________ the difference between these two words.

A. point

B. speak

C. talk

D. tell

55. It is difficult for us to explain phenomena that we have little or direct knowledge.

A. no any

B. no

C. none

D. nothing

56. The famous novel is said __________into Chinese.

A. to have translated

B. to be translate

C. to have been translated

D. to translate

57. She __________and fell from the top of the stairs to the bottom.

A. slipped

B. sloped

C. split

D. spilt

58. He has arrived late__________

A. as usual

B. as usually

C. like usual

D. like usually

59. Have you any other reasons __________the one you just mentioned above?

A. in addition to

B. beside

C. off

D. at addition with

60. Thats the reason __________Ann could not do her part of the job.

A. that

B. of

C. because

D. why

61. In reading stories we anticipate what is to come __________on our memory of what has gone before.

A. based

B. basing

C. to base

D. to be based

62. The people who objected to the new approach were told that since work had already started, there was no point in__________

A. denying

B. protect

C. protesting

D. competing

63. His friends __________him of having broken his words.

A. denounced

B. complained

C. accused

D. charged

64. I hope you wont mind __________you the truth.

A. being told

B. to be telling

C. telling

D. my telling

65. __________youve found, you must give it back to the owner.

A. Whichever

B. What

C. Whatever

D. Which

66. Consumers should do __________than simply complain about the poor quality of goods.

A. much less

B. some more

C. far less

D. far more

67. I wish I could speak French __________as John.

A. as good

B. as better

C. as well

D. as best

68. The old gentleman never fails to help __________is in need of his help.

A. who

B. whoever

C. one

D. whomever

69. My feet were __________with cold when I stood in the snow.

A. cliff

B. still

C. stiff

D. stick

70. I dont think this problem is above your ability. I think you can__________ it.

A. she

B. pack

C. gain

D. solve

71. Buying the spare parts for your car, you should try to get the__________ ones from the authorized dealer.

A. genuine

B. generous

C. genius

D. gentle

72. If you use __________ ,you can get a higher quality picture.

A. wax

B. shame

C. goose

D. slides

73. Who __________this conntry, the people or the president?

A. frightens

B. differs

C. displays

D. governs

74. Mr. Holmes called at many schools__________ he lived to ask them to accept his son, but he was refused everywhere for being a black.

A. that

B. around where

C. near which

D. which

75. My wallet is nowhere to be found. I__________ when I was on the bus.

A. must drop it

B. should have dropped it

C. must have dropped it

D. had dropped it
Part IV Cloze Test (10%)

Directions : There are 10 blanks in the following passage. For each numbered blank, there are 4choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the best one and mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEETwith a single line through the center.

Music comes in many forms; most countries have a style of their own.76 the turn of thecentury when jazz was born, America had no prominent style of its own. No one knows exactly whenjazz was 77,or by whom. But it began to be heard in the early 1900s. Jazz is Americas contribu-tion to 78 music. In contrast to classical music, which follows formal European traditions, jazz isspontaneous and free form. It bubbles with energy,79 the moods, interests, and emotions of thepeople. In the 1920s jazz sounded like America, and 80 it does today. The origins of this musicare as interesting as the music 81. American Negroes, or blacks, as they are called today, werethe jazz pioneers. They were brought to Southern States 82 slaves. They were sold to plantationowners and forced to work long hours. When a Negro died his friend and relatives 83 a processionto carry the body to the cemetery. In New Orleans, a band often accompanied the procession. On theway to the cemetery the band played slow, solemn music suited to the occasion. 84 on the wayhome the mood changed. Spirits lifted. Death had removed one of their relations, but the livings wereglad to be alive. The band played 85 music, improvising(即兴表演) on both the harmony andthe melody of the tunes presented at the funeral. This music made everyone want to dance. It was anearly form of jazz.

76. A. By

B. At

C. In

D. On

77. A. discovered

B. acted

C. invented

D. designed

78. A. classical

B. sacred

C. popular

D. light

79. A. expressing

B. explaining

C. exposing

D. illustrating

80. A. as

B. so

C. either

D. neither

81. A. concerned

B. itself

C. available

D. oneself

82. A. for

B. as

C. with

D. by

83. A. demonstrated

B. composed

C. hosted

D. formed

84. A. Even

B. Therefore

C. Furthermore

D. But

85. A. sad

B. solemn

C. happy

D. funeral

Part V Writing ( 15 % )

Directions : Write a short essay entitled Fast Food and Traditional Chinese Cooking. You should

write at least 120 words following the outline given below:



Part I Dialogue Completion


2.C 【解析】两熟悉的朋友再次见面,表达了他们的欣喜之情。A,B两项一般用于陌生人初次见面时的客气用语;而D表示“炸土豆片”;唯有c项表示“真没想到在这里碰到你”。符合上下文语境。

3.C 【解析】根据会话的语境:他们想要去看“天鹅湖”,结果票卖完了。另一人表示非常失望,说他渴望想看这部歌舞。前两项选择表示这部歌舞无聊,最后一个表示漠然的态度,都不符合当时的情景。


5.D【解析】选项A是矛盾的回答。Sure表示接受,但but I have to prepare for the exam又是拒绝的回答;Thank you all the same是对他人因没帮上忙而道歉的回答,表示“尽管如此。也要谢谢您”的意思;Leave it to me,I assure you是“交给我吧,你尽管放心”的意思,是一种承诺;Im afraid I can’t make it by then是对邀请的婉言谢绝。

6.B【解析】说话者A说“Beach Motel.May I help you?”意思是“这里是海滩汽车旅馆,有什么需要我帮助的吗?”,从这句话可以判断A是一个汽车旅馆的接待员,选项B“Yes.Weneed a double rom for this weekend.”(是的,我们本周末需要一个双人间)符合这一对话情景。选项A是要往New York打电话,这显然不是汽车旅馆主要提供的服务项目。选项C和D回答都和问话没有关系。

7.D 【解析】说话者A偶遇说话者B—Jane和Tom,并邀请二人明晚一起共进晚餐。说话者B的答语后半部分说他们明天晚上不会外出,意即同意赴约。A项、B项均表示不同意,C项是针对致谢用的答语,表示“不用谢”,只有D项是表示同意的答语。因此.D项正确。



10.B【解析】A中的not too better yet不符合英文的表达习惯;c、D答非所问。B表示“虽不太好,但比以前好多了”,是最佳选择。

11.B 【解析】顾客到了餐馆,侍者问客人要吃什么。客人点了hamburger and a choc0— late shake,符合当时的场合及语境。

12.A 【解析】当我们接受别人邀请时,一般是首先表示感谢,然后再陈述能去不能去的理由。在这四个选项中B、D是一种非常粗鲁的说法,显然不符合正确选择;c项答非所问。.

13.B【解析]Not too bad是“还可以,不错”的意思;Not too good恰好与Not too bad相反,表示“不怎么样”的意思;Not very well是对询问身体好坏的否定回答;Not at all是回答他人致谢的用法,表示“不客气”的意思。

14.B【解析】本题会话情景为致谢,要求考生能够辨别四个单词/短语的词义差别。A项中mind意为“留意,留心”,B项中remind意为“提醒”,C项中remember意为“记住”。D项中care about意为“关心”。会话情景表明,说话者A建议说话者B带上雨伞,因为天看起来要下雨了。据此推断,说话者B应是对其提醒表示感谢。所以B为正确答案。


Part ll Reading ComprehensionPassage l



18.C 【解析】事实细节题。从文章倒数第二句可以得知,“代沟正在减小”的意思就是绝大多数的孩子都与父母的价值观和思想相同。B选项“父母逐渐和孩子相处融洽”是代沟缩小的结果,而不是其含义;A和D与本题无关。

19.D【解析】事实细节题。文章的第--&提到,在一个社会和道德观念迅速变化的社会里.什么是重要的、什么是正确的,父母和孩子经常会意见不同。由此可知D是正确的,而 A、B、C都与本题无关。

20.A 【解析】事实细节题。文章第四句提到,很多美国父母不知怎样教育子女,只好从书上、讲座里、家长培训课中寻求建议。文中没提到的只有A。

Passage 2

21.D 【解析】从第一段的最后一个字起到第二段的头两句话,可以看出,“tardiness”不是犯罪。不能惩罚,而只能用奉劝性的话劝人要守时(to be on time),要以猜出tardiness很可能是迟误的意思,故正确答案是D。

22.C 【解析】第三段第一句话是“to persuade Singaporeans to mind their manners”,只有 C最能概括这个意思;而A、B和D都比较片面。

23.B 【解析】问新加坡何时开始开展规范口语的运动。第三段最后一句话中答案非常明显。

24.A 【解析】分析四个选项可知,c是正确的,22题中已有证据;D并非每年都开展所有的活动,这是对的;B并非所有的活动都一直有好的效果,从第二段可以判定该项也是正确的。A项中的“in every way”与文章第二段倒数第二句话中的“this otherwise efficient city— state”相矛盾。故正确答案是A。

25.B 【解析】A显然错误,最后一段中对人口控制的运动就不是to improve people’S be haviort C毫无根据;D也太绝对,没有根据;B可以从文章最后一句话中这位“exhausted”的专栏作者和他的建议中推出。答案是B。

Passage 3

26.A【解析】细节题。由文章第一段中“An electric toothbrush senses how long and how well you brush.”可知。此电子牙刷会感知使用者是如何刷牙的。

27.C【解析】推理判断题。由文章第三段中“The toothbrush will teach you to brush right and make sure you ale bmshing long enough.”可知,发明者所说的“就像有个牙医在监视你刷牙一样”是指Kolibree可以像牙医一样指导你刷牙。

28.B【解析】细节题。由文章第四段中“the toothbrush will also be able to talk to other applications on your phone,SO developers could,for instance,create a game controlled by your toothbrush.”可知。该牙刷是可以用来玩手机游戏的。


30.D【解析】推理判断题。由文章最后一段中最后一句“the camera can even examine holes in your teeth while you brush.”可知,未来牙刷会协助人们“check”(检查)牙齿。

Passage 4

31.C 【解析】细节题。根据题干关键词“Acupuncture”可将特征信息定位到文章第一句话“The Chinese have used a method called acupuncture(针灸)to perform operations…”,因此可以断定针灸定义为一种“medical operation(医学手术)”。

32.D【解析】事实细节题。题干意思是:指出描述不正确的选项。根据选项特征词“know”我们将提示信息定位到文章第二段第三、四句“Th person who…This person also knows…where the operation is to be performed.”。这两句表达了A、B、C三选项的内容,只有 D选项(他知道如何通过手术来治好患者)在文中没有提及,所以应该选D。

33.A【解析】细节题。根据特征词:“how to use”与“takes”我们可以在第二段第一句“To learn how to use the needles takes about one month of training.”找到答案,即学会用针只需培训大约一个月时间。

34.B【解析】逻辑推理题。根据第二段最后两句“A particular operation might。require25 0r more needles placed in various parts of tlle body.But now this operation requires only{3or 4 needles.”我们可以推断出:过去手术用针灸比现在要多,所以答案B正确,而A(更多的患者情愿选择化学药剂而不愿采用针灸进行手术)、C(针灸在中国已有6,000年历史)、D(中医已经提出了令人信服的针灸理论)三项都不符合原文事实。

35.D【解析】逻辑推理题。问题是:选项中哪一项没直接陈述但隐含在原文中?选项 A(中国人主要采用针灸技术治疗疑难病症)与原文内容无关;B项内容(大多数中国人治病时更愿选择针灸而不愿选择化学药剂)表达过头,因为本文只是提及手术时采用针灸的人更多,而非所有病的治疗都采用针灸;C项内容(中国人已经把针灸技术推广到了全世界)也与原文陈述无关。纵观全文,第一段提出针灸技术在中国历史悠久;第二段谈及针灸技术比以前更加先进,只需三、四针即可;第三段又说中医正在学习并逐步完善针灸技术;文中最后提出更多的患者愿意选择针灸治疗。由此可以推断出:中国人的针灸技术越来越精湛,越来越有效。所以D是正确答案,并且D项内容在原文并没有直接表达出来。

Part lll VocabularT and Structure

36.B【解析】本题考查动词辨析。jump“跳跃,上涨”;add“增加,把……加到一起”; amount(常和to搭配)“总共,总计”;develop“发展,发达”。能和prices搭配的只有jump。句意:由于收成不好,小麦的价格在过去的半年里上涨了。

37.B 【解析】本题考查动词辨析。disappear(vi.)“消失,不见”;dispose“(一般和of连用)处理,解决”;discourage(vt.),“使气馁”;discard(vt.)“丢弃,抛弃”,如果用该词的话,应用被动。disappear无论在语法和含义上都符合。句意:许多曾被高度赞扬的球员从网球场上消失了身影。

38.C【解析】本题考查动词辨析。rescue sb.from sth.“从……当中援救……”,固定搭配;regain“收回,恢复”;recover from…“从……当中恢复”;reserve“保存,保留,预定”。句意:他们从着火的大楼里援救这个孩子的所有努力全都白费了。

39.C【解析】本题考查形容词辨析。0verall“全部的,全面的”;joint"共同的,联合的”; intensive“强烈的”;decisive“决定性的”。从词义上来看,应选0verall。句意:这本书总的目的是帮助弥补研究和教学之间的差距,尤其是研究员和教师之间的差距。

40.C 【解析】本题考查形容词辨析。unique“唯一的,独特的,独一无二的”(强调与众不同);exceptional“例外的,不寻常的”(强调非凡的,优异的);strange“陌生的,奇怪的,奇异的”(强调奇怪);rare“稀罕的,杰出的”(强调稀有)。所以unique最合适。句意:航天飞机的独特之处在于它像火箭一样起飞而像飞机那样降落。

41.B 【解析】本题考查代词的用法。本题中that指代的是前面的the cost,which不能指代名词,those指代的是复数名词。句意:坐飞机的费用比坐火车要高。

42.B 【解析】本题考查主语从句。When and where the new hospital will be built是个主语从句。当句子做主语时,谓语动词应用第三人称单数。句意:新医院什么时候在哪里建造仍然是个谜。


44.B【解析】句意:那位老太太对党的关心非常感激。be grateful to sb.表示“对……很感激”,后接人、组织等;be grateful for stll.表示“因……而感激”;be gratified at表示“对……高兴”;be gracious t0表示“对……友善”。

45.D【解析】句意:我问那军人他做平民时是干什么的。civihan意为“平民”,指不在军中服役的人。ordinary life表示“普通生活”;daily life表示“日常生活”;common life与or- dinary life同义。

46.B 【解析】句意:在这个国家的南部,改善排水系统被认为是增加农民收入的一个好办法。sewage和drainage都可以表示“下水道、排水管”,但sewage主要是指家庭或工厂的排污水道,一般埋在地下;drainage指把某地积水排走的一系列源道或者管道。aqueduct表示“沟渠”;archway常指建筑物的“拱道和拱廊”。

47.C 【解析】本题考查倒装用法。以否定词开头的句子要用倒装结构。句意:人们并不总是能做他们想做的事情。

48.C 【解析】本题考查虚拟语气用法。表示与过去事实相反的假设用过去完成时。句意:我没有去参加晚会,但是我确实希望我去参加了。

49.B 【解析】本题考查强调句型。It is not until…that是强调句型,“直到……才”。句意:直到1982年他才回到美国。

50.B【解析】本题考查动词搭配。take over“接管”;take up“拿起,举起,从事,占用”; take on“从事,担任”;take out“除去,拔去”。句意:当布莱科先生死了以后,他的儿子接管了他的生意。


52.B 【解析】本题考查动词搭配。lean against“靠在……上”,其他不能搭配。句意:她靠在墙上和朋友说话。

53.B【解析】本题考查名词辨析。debate“(正式)讨论,辩论”,多指在正式场合进行的讨论或严肃的辩论;argument“争吵”;dispute“不和,争论”;discuss“讨论’,多指就某种观点而与对方进行的讨论,是普通用法。句意:经过长时间的讨论后,国会通过了这项议案。54.D 【解析】本题考查动词辨析。tell“分辨出”;point“指出”;speak“说话”;talk“谈论”。句意:我几乎不能分辨出这两个单词的区别。

55.B 【解析】本题考查不定代词的用法。n0可以直接修饰名词,表示“没有……”,后边不用接any,所以A不对(但可以说not any);none和nothin9都不可直接修饰名词,所以选 B。句意:让我们解释那些我们不知道或几乎不知道的现象是困难的。

56.C 【解析】本题考查不定式的用法。不定式也有主动语态和被动语态:即to d0和to be done;不定式有三种时态:即to do(表将来),to be doing(表正在进行)和to have done(表不定式的动作先于谓语动词的动作发生)。因为“Te famous novel”是被翻译的,所以不定式要用被动语态;又因为是先被翻译而后据说的,所以用不定式的完成时。句意:这部著名的小说据说已被翻译成汉语。


58.A【解析】本题考查介词短语。as usual“像往常一样”。句意:他像往常一样来得晚。

59.A【解析】本题考查介词用法。in addition to“除……之外(还)”;beside“在旁边”;0f从……离开”;没有at addition with这个短语。句意:除了你上面提到的理由外,你还有其他的理由吗?

60.D 【解析】本题考查定语从句中关系词的用法。the reason why…“……的原因”。当reason作先行词时,要根据定语从句的成分选择关系词:如定语从句中缺少主语或宾语,关系词一般用that或which;如定语从句中不缺少主语或宾语,那么就要用why来引导。句意:那就是安没能完成她那份工作的原因。

61.A【解析】句意:在看小说的时候,我们会根据以前的经历去预测故事的发展。be based on为一固定短语,意为“建立在……的基础之上”。

62.C 【解析】句意:反对新方案的人被告知,工作已经开始,反对没有意义。该句中 there is no point in后常接动名词,表示“做……毫无意义”。deny意为“否认,拒绝相信”。 protest可作及物和不及物动词,表示“抗议,提出抗议”。

63.C 【解析】accuse常与0f连用为accuse sb.of(doing)sth.表示直接而尖锐的指控或指责某人有罪或有错,denounce主要强调公开指责或向当局告发。complain意为“抱怨”。 charge意为“正式向司法部门提出起诉或对某种违反公认准则的行为进行非正式指责”。

64.D 【解析】mind doing somethin9“介意干某事”,句意:我希望你不会介意我告诉你事实的真相。动名词前的人称在此结构中应选择形容词词性物主代词。


66.D【解析】本题考查比较级的用法。四个选项都是“程度副词+比较级”的形式,并且单单从语法的角度来看都是正确的:much less“少得多”;some more“再多一些”;far less “少得多:much less”;far more“多得多,远不止……”,那么就应从句意来判断应选哪个。 句意:消费者应该做的远远不止是抱怨产品质量不好。所以选D。

67.C【解析】本题考查比较用法。这是同级比较,因此不能用比较级和最高级,排除B、 D。修饰动词speak必须用副词,所以只能选C。句意:我希望我的法语说得和约翰一样好。

68.B 【解析】本题考查宾语从句引导词的用法。one不能引导宾语从句;引导词在这 个宾语从句中做主语,所以排除whomever;空缺处没有明确的指代关系,所以who排除。只 能选8。句意:这位年老的绅士从来不会不帮助任何需要他帮助的人。

69.C【解析】cliff的意思是“悬崖”;still的意思是“仍然”;stiff的意思是“僵硬的”; stick的意思是“棍棒,坚持”。句意:“我站在雪地里时,腿冻僵了。”

70.D【解析】slip的意思是“滑倒”;pack的意思是“打包,包装”;9ain的意思是“得到”; solve的意思是“解决”。句意:“我认为这个问题不会超出你的能力范围,你可以解决它。”

71.A【解析】9enuine的意思是“直的,非伪造的”;9enerous的意思是“慷慨的”;genius 的意思是“天才”;gende的意思是“绅士的”。句意:“你应该要到授权商人那里去买正品汽 车备件。”


73.D【解析】frighten的意思是“使害怕”;differ的意思是“不同”;display的意思是“展 示”;govelTl的意思是“统治”。句意:“是谁统治这个国家,是人民还是总统?”

74.C【解析】本题考查定语从句用法。这里是说他拜访他住处附近的学校,因此用 nea。which.which指代住处。句意:Holmes先生去他住处附近的许多学校要求他们接收自 己的jt。ff-,但是都因为是黑人而被拒绝了。

75.C 【解析】本题考查情态动词用法。根据句意,我推断我肯定是把钱包掉车上了。A、D没有推断的意思;8是指“本应该做某事”;C是指“一定……”。所以选C。句意:我的钱包哪儿都找不到,我肯定是坐公交车时掉了。

Part lV Cloze Test

76.B【解析】这里at the turn of the century表示的是“在本世纪初”这一具体时间,只 有at可以用在这里。

77.C 【解析】句意:没有人知道爵士乐是什么时候发明的,由谁发明的。discover意为“发现”,act意为“行动,扮演”,invent意为“发明”,design意为“设计”。故选invent。

78.C 【解析】popular music是指“流行音乐”,与classical music(古典音乐)相对。爵士乐(jazz)是流行音ft.的一种,故选popular。

79.A 【解析】express意为“表达”,与后面的宾语moods(情绪)、interests(兴趣)、以及emoilons(感情)相搭配。explain意为“解释,说明”,expose意为“揭露,使暴露”,illustrate意为“阐明”。



82.B 【解析】句意:他们被作为奴隶带到南部各州。只有as,意为“作为”,介词。符合此意。


84.D 【解析】上句说:在去墓地的路上,乐队演奏缓慢的、庄重的音乐以便和悲痛的场合相配合。而本句说:在回来的路上,情绪变化了。所以这两句之间应该是转折的关系。因此选择but。

85.C 【解析】这里选择happy,以便和上句中提到的slow和soleIIlIl相对应。Part V Writing


Fast Food and Traditional Chinese Cooking

Since American-style fast food was introduced into Chinese market,it has been spreading at a blazing speed. Many people like to go to McDonalds and KFC for hamburgers, French fries and ice cream, but I still prefer traditional Chinese meal.

First of all,by eating traditional Chinese meals, one can keep a well-balanced diet. Foods in McDonalds and KFC typically contain high calories and excessive calories will accumulate in the form of fat in the body; this may make people overweighed. But a typical Chinese food provides one with enough vitamins and protein that are needed to keep the physical fitness of humans.

Therefore, although one can eat western fast food once in a while for a change, eating Chinese food is more healthy and enjoyable.

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